Meet the Team

Kazuhiko is a programmer. He has been working as a programmer for more than 25 years. He is the manager of this team.

Keiya Kanno is database software engineer. He uses 4th Dimension and Google App Engine as an application platform.

Miwaza Jemimah is a designer, photographer and little bit of a developer specializing in web , print and user interface design.

Google App Engine

All the apps are powered by Google App Engine aka GAE. It is a free web application engine by Google. If you are interested in GAE. Please visit the official website here.

Featured & Latest Works

iBibleApps is a project which is started by a team of Christian developers DuoPlus! to help people study the Bible. Two out of four iBible Apps, StrongsSearch and WhichVerses? are now available. We pray and believe that iBibleApps will be a wonderful tool for your Bible study.

Have you ever had an experience of not being able to keep up with your Bible reading plan? Here is our solution for you! BibleReading is a twitter based web application for sharing your Bible notes, and also for reading notes that are written by people from all over the world.

StrongsSearch is a Bible search web app that is specilized for searching words in the Bible with Strong’s Concordance Number.

WhichVerses? is a web app that lets you do Bible quizzes. Not like other bible quizzes, it isn't the collection of random questions about the Bible. 5 Quizzes will appear with random verses from the chapter. And each of them will have 4 answer choices, so you choose the one that you think correct. So you guess the chapter number by reading the specific passage from the Bible.

iShoppingApps is a collection of shopping web apps that are optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. By using this app, you can search items on Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping and Amazon. iShoppingApps is currently available in Japan. If you live in other area and interested in this app, please feel free to drop us a line!